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Employment Law Solicitors London

Employment and Compromise Agreement
Arona St James Solicitors have specialists who can assist you with your employment issues in a confidential and sensitive manner. Some law firms act only for corporate employers, the experience of others lies almost entirely in acting for individual employees. We have a greater understanding of employment issues because we act for both employers and employees. Looking for expert employment law solicitors London? We see both sides of an issue and are in a better position to offer practical solutions. We specialise in the following areas:

Settlement Agreement
We have years of experience in advising clients on settlement agreements, which are statutory agreements involving an offer from employer to employee to agree to mutually terminate the employment relationship. An employer will usually pay your salary to a certain date, part or all of the contractual notice period, and often an ex gratia payment (which can be tax free up to a maximum of £30,000.00).To be legally binding, the employee must have received independent legal advice, this is generally paid for by the employer. Please supply us with a copy of your agreement and we will be happy to advise you on the offer being made. Please do not feel costs are a reason not to consult a solicitor as your employer should pay for your legal advisors reasonable costs. We can act promptly and achieve a clean break swiftly. Contact us during this difficult time, and we hope you will find a friendly service with a robust approach against the other side.

Immigration and work permits (PBS)
We can provide advice across the board and assist with applications for immigration, recruitment, compliance and work permits, including intra company transfers to assist in the growth of your business.

Redundancy and settlement agreements – Covid 19
We have years of experience advising clients on settlement agreements, we can provide specific advice for people who face redundancy due to the Covid-19 crisis. We can explore the options available to them and ensure you are protected. You are entitled to receive independent legal advice when you receive a settlement agreement, ordinarily the employer will settle this fee.
If you would like us to assist, please call our office. We will ask you to send the settlement agreement to us via email and we can then discuss and advise you via a telephone conference prior to you signing the document.

Please contact us for confidential assistance on 020 8175 5000 for a FREE initial chat