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Conditions for Unmarried Partner Visa

  • Parties must show that they have lived together for two years either in or out of the UK.  Also they must show the following:-any previous marriage or civil partnership by either partner has permanently broken down; and
  • the applicant is the unmarried or same sex partner of a person who is present and settled in the United Kingdom; and
  • the applicant has not remained in breach of the immigration laws; and
  • the parties are not involved in a consanguineous relationship with one another; and
  • the parties have been living together in a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership which has subsisted for two years or more; and
  • the parties relationship pre-dates any decision to deport the applicant, recommend him for deportation, give him notice under Section 6(2) of the Immigration Act 1971, or give directions for his removal under section 10 of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999;
  • and there will be adequate accommodation for the parties and any

The same financial requirements apply as above

We act for all family types and are happy to assist clients who are seeking to bring their spouse or partner to the UK.  We are known for handling complex and sensitive cases through to success.

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