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UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa Requirements

Arona St James Solicitors have over 18 years experience handling UK spouse visas. We handle Visas, unmarried partners, lgbt, appeals and much more.  UKVI will assess your application on key points as set out below

The Relationship

The first of these is whether the relationship is genuine or not.

Those in the UK now have to go through a sham process to ensure that the relationship is a genuine one -prior to most registrars allowing the marriage to take place.  This applies to those currently here in the UK with visas as well.  We are often get instructed to assist at this point.  We have found many parties comment to us that what is suppose to be the happiest time in their life, is  a time full of anxiety as their relationship gets test by a third person.  Parties cannot opt out of cooperating with governmental bodies if they wish to get married in the UK.

We have expertise in this field and can assist you if you feel you require assistance.

Financial requirement

You are required to show how much your sponsor has earn in the last 12 months.  If you are married with no children the requirement is that you are earn in excess of £18,600.

If  you are sponsoring a child plus a  partner you will need an income of at least £22,400.

For each additional child being sponsored you will need an additional income of £2,400. For example, if you are you are bringing 2 children with you to the United Kingdom, you must have and income of £22,400 and £2,400 for the additional child, so a total of £24,800.

You will be required to provide documents to show that you can meet the financial requirement. The way you meet the requirement will be different, depending on whether you are applying from inside or outside the UK.

Often people get this wrong and turn to us for assistance.

Other factors which have to be taken into account by the Home office are:

Are you legally married or in a civil partnership
Accommodation is this adequate and you will occupy this exclusively
All previous relationship have broken down
Previous immigration history issues

Call Arona St James Immigration team on 020 8175 5000

Where we can help:

A detailed review of your circumstances to establish if you qualify.
Application support and assistance with the Immigration rules
Review of your supporting evidence
Putting in place an action plan
Applying legal arguments in support – easy to follow for all Immigration caseworkers
Priority service and Super Premium Service expertise
Out of hours assistance when required
Monthly status checks
Payment plan available